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Network IP Camera
A truly revolutionary network device. simply connect the Network IP Camera to any switch, hub or Ethernet port and view from any PC on the network or on the Internet!

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Essential Business Application Features Including:

  • Embedded Operating System
    Eliminates Dependence on Additional Servers
  • Built-In Motion Detection, Recording & Notification
    Sends Automatic Security Alert Email Including a Before, During, & After Video History
  • Multiple Log In
    Supports up to 100 Users Simultaneously
  • FTP Upload
    Transmits Live Images to Any Web Page for Online Promotion
  • Advanced Video Compression XVID Video compression ensures best image quality and small video files size
  • Quick & Easy 3-Step Setup
  • No special software or additional hardware required
  • Assign a fixed public IP address for anytime, anywhere viewing over the Internet
  • Assign a fixed private IP address for viewing over your local network
  • Save and Email streaming images or snapshots using your PC
  • Ideal for viewing buildings, offices, day care centers, schools, homes, etc.


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